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As a method of poverty alleviation, this scheme has proven remarkably successful and helped to improve the lives of poor women and their families. Ghashful aims to empower recipients by incorporating them in Shomitis (groups).  Shomitis become the nerve center of a community with linkages to income generating activities, education facilities, skills training, comprehensive health packages and awareness campaigns about STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Ghashful receiving Cheque from past PKSF, MD Dr.Salehuddin Ahmed.

Ghashful’s Micro Insurance Policy is a life insurance policy accessible to micro finance recipients.

Ghashful is keen on promoting enterprises of project based on traditional and innovative technologies which can accelerate capital formation in both urban and rural areas in the agriculture and allied sectors as also in the non farm sector.

Component of Microfinance
– Urban Micro Credit (UMC)
– Rural Micro Credit (RMC)
– Micro Enterprise (ME)
– Micro Enterprise Lateral (MEL)
– Ultra Poor Program (UPP)
– Agriculture Micro Credit (AMC)
– Seasonal Micro Credit (SMC)
– Livelihood Restoration Program (LRP)

Ghashful Micro credit Member
– Shomiti management
– Leadership
– Enterprise Development &
  Business Management (EDBM)

– Community meetings
– Special day observation.

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