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Ghashful programs also include governance and advocacy. Both promote good societal governance and the rights of Bangladeshi citizens. Ghashful carries out proactive research to articulate, influence and change public opinion and government policy on poverty alleviation and sustainable development issues. Ghashful also operates legal aid activities to support underprivileged and poor women. Since 2003, BLAST provides funding for these programs. As an active member of the Federation of NGO’s in Bangladesh (FNB), Ghashful plays a significant role in the development sector.

Good Governance
– Meetings, workshops and training to promote good governance
– Issue-based campaigns
– Issue-based advocacy
– Formation of Community Violence Watch Groups

– Quarterly Ghashful Barta
– Issue-based publicationsNetworking
– Media and affiliated Partners
– Committee formation
– Salish (Mediation)
– Human Rights Education Program (HREP)

Action Research
– Salish (Mediation) Baseline Survey
-Qualitative survey
-Impact survey
-Baseline survey

A rally on Water dayReporting
– Monthly report to the Deputy
– Monthly report to the  TNO

– Six monthly Monitoring Report
– Participatory Review & Reflection
  Process (PRRP) Report
– Annual Report

Theatre on awareness raising
– Meeting with stakeholders
– Theatre
– Video screenings
– Special day observation

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