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Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) has been a cornerstone of Ghashful’s programs. NFPE provides relevant education to underprivileged children of rural and slum areas around Chittagong. Ghashful is proud to distribute government-funded textbooks to NFPE students. Ghashful lobbies the government on behalf of students and has become part of the Department of Primary and Mass Education’s book distribution list. Ghashful also operates adult education centers using the Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques’ (REFLECT) program. The REFLECT program teaches valuable health and community awareness information at the same time as increasing literacy and numeracy knowledge Ghashful is also the secretariat of the Adolescent Development Forum (ADF), a forum for 22 NGOs that lobbies for the rights of adolescents to ensure their basic needs are met.

Students of Ghashful ESP school in tree plantation program.

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)
– NFPE schools
– School savings programs
– Children’s spaces
– Theatre and cultural groups
– Special day observation
– Guardian meetings
– Formation of School Management Committees (SMC)
– Vocational training
– Formation and operation of old students forum
– Children’s festival
Adolescent Center
– Vocational training
– Adolescent workshops
– Skill Development Training
– Awareness Program
– Cultural Activities

– Basic and post circle.

Education Support Program (ESP)
– ESP NFPE Schools
– Guardian meetings
– Special day observationEducare K.G.School (Formal).

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